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My Desktop Aggregator Wishlist

Posted by indroneel on February 27, 2007

I took a break from feed reading because I found it to be too addictive and eating into my daily schedule. But now I am back at it again. FeedReader is my current favourite although at times I do miss the features provided by RSS Bandit. While I wait for the upgrade to the exciting new features provided by Outlook 2007, here are some of the features that I wish my desktop aggregator would provide.

  1. Support for Extensions: Users can add features and change functionality of the feed reader by installing extensions. The support for extensions should allow for a high level of customizability and branding.
  2. Browser Integration: Detection and one click addition of feeds embedded in a browser page. Visible customizations are in the form of browser toolbars and additions to the right-click context menu.
  3. Mail Integration: Send articles through email even in the absence of a local SMTP server. Optionally, a snapshot of the linked Webpage can also be transmitted through the same email.
  4. Document Export: Export selected articles as PDF, Word DOC, Web archive (MHT) or ZIP. Mutiple articles can be combined into the same export document. The generated document can be sent out as email attachments via. the mail integration feature described above.
  5. Long Term Archiving: Move selected articles into an alternate storage for long term archiving. The archived articles can be displayed inline with the regular feed items as flagged items. Export and import features are provided to move articles across stores. Conversion of entire stores into maibox formats (MBX and PST) and compiled help sets (CHM) should also be possible.
  6. Rich Media Handling: As the RSS specification gets expanded to include more of rich content (audio video streaming, syndicated photography) it would be required of the feed reader to display such contents inline without resorting to external applications.
  7. Localized Tagging and Classification: Maintain a local database of article tags, the current practice being to maintain such associations with Technorati or other Web-based services. Allow background synchoronization of local tag information with their Internet counterparts. Provide a folder-based classfication view based on tags (the folder name displayed is the same as the tag text).
  8. Desktop Search Integration: Integrate the cache and archives of locally available feed content with desktop search features provided by Google, Copernic and Yahoo. Matching feed articles should appear on the search result page alongside documents and memos from other sources.

Of course a subset of these features might be supported by some feed readers — it would be nice to have all of them bundled into one killer app!

What’s your feature wishlist?


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