What's in the Zone?

The Zone is up!

Posted by indroneel on February 25, 2007

It took me the better part of an hour to setup my profile and get ready for blogging. This delay was primarily due to the fact that I could not make up my mind about the user name to use and WordPress does not allow you to share the same email address between accounts (at least not during the initial sign up process).

I believe making the first blog entry is more like speaking up in a room full of strangers and making a statement that you are sure nobody is interested in. How many times have you attended one of those large organizational meetings where the majority prefer to maintain silence, too self-conscious to make their point?

So, purely from want of inspiration, I decided to go blog-hopping and see what my fellow authors had to say in their ‘ice-breaking’ entries. It wasn’t long before generic themes started to emerge.

For example, most people just say ‘hi’ and ‘welcome’ and keep things pretty much at that. The more verbose among these give a quick biopic about themselves (that typically includes hobbies, families and pets owned).

At the other extreme are those who jump straight into their “serious” entries without even a hint of a hello. After all, who reads the first few posts anyway?

Then there are others who tend to do things differently. Instead of a simple welcome, they put in a quote, a thought, a short verse and even a picture caption — all highlighting a general salutary theme.

I think I will keep mine simple.

This is Indroneel Das a.k.a. Neel saying hello with my first entry on this blog.


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